The Toy Man awards Zombie Ninja Pirates!

Toy Man Award of ExcellenceThe Toy Man, an independent product evaluation firm, has just posted their Product Evaluation of Zombie Ninja Pirates. It was awarded the Seal of Approval, the Award of Excellence, and the eChoice Award! We are very pleased to be given such great honors.

Their evaluators really loved the game.

According to many of our evaluation participants, Gozer Games, the creators of Zombie Ninja Pirates, they really blew the doors out with this game. With Zombie Ninja Pirates they have proven that they are truly the mouse that roared! Who would ever imagine that a game with this large of a level of funQuotientâ„¢ could come from such a seemingly simple and average game.

They also found it highly replayable.

During the game Play, there was plenty of laughter and comments about the various artwork on the game cards. The consumers were fascinated with the game. With the game being fast-paced and concluding promptly, this enabled us to have a larger number of consumers being able to play the game. It also caused a substantial increase in the number of consumers returning to the game in the hopes for more game Play.

In conclusion of the spontaneous consumer hands-on evaluation of the products they examined, we sat down and went through the video-tapes and consumer feedback forms to establish where”Zombie Ninja Pirates ” stood with the consumers. It was clearly evident that “Zombie Ninja Pirates ” pulled a substantial draw of consumers for repeated Play. It demonstrated that it hosted an excellent creative agenda as well as coming in quite strong in contribution to skill development and response level. “Zombie Ninja Pirates ” passed this segment of our evaluation with the highest level of accomplishment.

Gozer Games is very pleased to have been awarded such high ratings!

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